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Saw Certification Program


  • Intent:  Provide local volunteer partners with the training and certification to cut at a “B” Bucking-Only level on Forest, during sponsored club trail maintenance events, in compliance with the 2016 National Saw Policy.


  • Dates:  TBD


  • Location:  TBD-  Dependent on snowpack and access to cutting locations on Forest.  Will try to minimize vehicle travel time and hiking distance for participants.  Be prepared to hike at least 1 mile to cutting location.


  • Maximum # of participants:  10.  With 2 available C-Certifiers on the South Zone, we can accommodate 10 participants during the 2-day training.


  • Club allocations:  Club leaders please send me names/e-mail addresses of anyone/everyone you would like to attend (including recerts), and I’ll figure out an equitable distribution of training spots.


  • New participants- 2 day training- Saturday and Sunday.

Recerts- 1 day training- Sunday field portion only.


  • Training Pre-Requisite:  Current Basic First Aid/CPR training.  Must have current 1st Aid/CPR card on person during training.


  • Required Clothing: 

    • Long-sleeve shirt.

    • Full length, denim style pants i.e. Wranglers, Carharts, etc. (non-synthetic).

    • 8” high full leather boots (heel to boot tops).


  • Required Personal Protective Equipment:  

    • Hard hat (USFS can provide).

    • Impact resistant eye wear.

    • Ear protection (muffs or foam inserts).

    • Durable, thick leather gloves.

    • Full length chaps that cover boot tops (USFS can augment- each two person volunteer team will need one pair of chaps)- link to approved chaps


  • Required sawyer equipment:

    • Chain saw- whatever saw you intend to use for volunteer trail projects.

      • General range- ability to run a 16”-20” bar.

      • Each two person volunteer team will need one saw.

      • Make sure chain is sharpened and saw is operational.

      • Saw must have chain brake.

      • Saw must have spark arrestor.

    • Appropriate fuel/oil mix for your saw.

    • Bar oil.

    • Tool kit for your particular saw- ability to field sharpen (i.e. file, guide, scrench, etc.)

    • Single bit axe for pounding wedges (USFS can augment).

    • Plastic wedges (USFS can augment).


  • General course outline:

    • Saturday, May 22nd-

      • A.M.- Classroom presentation at Washakie RD Warehouse (2913 Hwy 287, Lander, WY 82520).

      • P.M.- Saw tear down/maintenance, start-up/shut-down procedures, basic bucking techniques at Washakie RD Warehouse.

    • Sunday, May 23rd-

      • A.M.- Break into teams of three (2 volunteers and 1 USFS instructor).

                                    Bucking practice.

  • P.M.- Certifications/Recertifications.


  • Supporting documents:

    • Here is a link to the Missoula Technology and Development Center curriculum taught in the 2-day course .

    • Attached is a copy of the Job Hazard Analysis that will be reviewed and signed prior to the field portion of the course.






Christopher Sellars
South Zone Trails Coordinator

Forest Service

Shoshone National Forest

p: 307-335-2150

333 East Main Street
Lander, WY 82520

Caring for the land and serving people

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